Model Nr. 1B

According to the “GR. 4. 6825” label inside the instruments, the earliest Waldzithers Nr. 1B must have been built during the First World War, but they are already equipped with the standard tuners and the standard tailpieces. This Model is actually a Model Nr. 1/Nr. 1A with a different decoration around the sound hole, for it is made out of the same woods (that is, it has a spruce top and maple back and sides).

There is only one design variation to be found: Most instruments Nr. 1B have an edging made of dark wood, but there are also some with a white celluloid edging. And it could also be the case that, after the First World War, Boehm saved some of the mother of pearl inlays, for there are a few Waldzithers where the triangles are inserted not next to each other but with some free space between them.